USI's product lines target the most commonly used general purpose CPUs and programmable DSPs available in the market today.  Over the years, USI has established itself as the leading supplier of development tools for the embedded Linux market.

USI offers high-speed BDM/JTAG Probes from Abatron, a Swiss-based company.  USI also developed and released the industries first Eclipse based debugger (LinuxScope)optimized for use with GDB and Abatronís BDI2000/3000 series of BDM/JTAG probes.

Also available are a wide-range of JTAG emualtors and tools for Texas Instruments' line of TMS320, TMS470 (ARM), OMAP and DaVinci DSPs.
Also available from USI is a great selection of Development Boards/Kits and Modules for your development requirements.